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Ilimi Abin Nema

Farar Tattabara program have really encourage me to be more empathetic towards other people and have inspire me to live more peacefully with everyone around me. human being especially youth should strive to be peace loving because every chaotic situation usually stems from us and people tend to use us to achieve their objective of peace disruption.






Labarin Aisha 

Farar Tattabara programs have change our actions and ways of interacting with people, looking at the world we live in today. it is really important for one to be able to live with and interact amicably with people around without causing any harm to them, regardless of religion or ethnicity. this is one of the main things we are proud of with regard of Farar Tattabara program.


Ina Mafita

My Name is Umar Officer from Unguwa Uku, Kano. I have benefited a lot and learned from Farar Tattabara programs, especially perseverance, patience and a whole lot of other thing. nothing can be said but thank you Farar Tattabara for taking up the issue of youth and providing a source of relief that have plague the youth.

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