1.1 Guidance on Preparation of Application

EAI requests Applications from interested Nigerian film directors and producers and /or production companies based on the following guidance:

General format:

· Written in the English language, application is to be printed on A4-sized paper, using Times New Roman 12 font type, with single space and one-inch margins on all sides.

  • Page Limit for technical application: 10 pages maximum (including cover page, your concept / idea / initial storyline). This will exclude cover letter and appendix documents.

  • The technical application should explain the applicant’s film concept, creative niche, storyline, the anti-corruption theme(s) that will be addressed, how anti-corruption messaging will be integrated within the proposed film; proposed cast, crew, proposed film length, and any other related details that will be important in the evaluation of application.

  • Application must be submitted with a signed cover letter explaining motivation for application, what benefit this opportunity brings to applicant or his/her career, and how this opportunity can be beneficial for the intended audience. The cover letter should also briefly explain applicant’s perception of corruption in Nigeria, causes and consequences, and how these challenges might be eventually addressed, including through film and mass media.

  • Applicants should also briefly explain through the cover letter, their expectation of topics to be seen included in the anti-corruption training to be organized by EAI, and what skills they wish to take away from the training (if selected for the training).

  • Updated curriculum vitae, demonstrating skills and prior experience in the film sector, including three referees should be included in the application.

  • Application submission needs to be accompanied by mandatory electronic copy of entire application and attachments in CD or DVD.

  • Application should include (in a CD or DVD or online link) at least one example of a film that applicant has produced /coproduced or directed (even if it is an online film).

  • The financial proposal should include, in MS Excel, the proposed budget including cost contribution should applicant be selected to receive a grant to produce the film. The budget should be easy to understand, with unit costs and number of units specified clearly; cost categories/ headings and cost items explained clearly (including human resources, equipment, travel and transportation, pre-production, production and post-production costs as separate categories); do not include cost elements like overheads and miscellaneous – provide details as much as possible and practical.

1.1.1 The Cover Page: (one page)

a) Title of the proposed application/project

b) Name of Applicant

c) Address of applicant (Location, P.O. Box, Telephone, Fax, E-mail)

d) If affiliated with any organization, mention Position and Address

e) Total Budget (in Naira)

1.1.2 Curriculum Vitae

A statement of capabilities including:

a) A summary of the applicant’s skills and areas of expertise and experience

b) Any relevant academic skills

c) A list of at least three referees (with their contact details), who can be contacted to provide information about the applicant and his/her work **


Applicants are required to follow the instructions provided in these guidelines. The selection process will include an evaluation of all applications submitted and follow-up communication by EAI, if and as required. Hard copy of the Application along with electronic copies of all the documents and supporting material in a CD/DVD or compatible device can be submitted in a sealed envelope with the subject line“Application for Anti-Corruption Film Production”** through following mailing address:

Equal Access Knowledge Development Initiative

28 Wada Aliyu Road, Off Ahmadu Bello Way

Nasarawa GRA Kano


Rutyono Office Ltd., Left Wing Ground Floor SPDC Plaza

1Kadi Close (Off Aminu Kano Crescent)

Abuja, Nigeria- Nigeria


Hand delivered to EAKDI office in Abuja and / or Kano

details email:equalaccessng@gmail.com

Deadline for submission of application is 21st December 2018, 5:00p.m. (in case of submission through mailing address, only sealed envelopes postmarked before the deadline date will be considered)