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Tafuko Tabwassah is a CVE practitioner and also an entrepreneur who is combining his skills to influence little children on the right narrative. He got his idea of working with small children due to personal and direct interaction with internally displaced children whom he found out to be very vulnerable.

Tafuko carries out little skill acquisition programmes with them, teaching them how to make little things they can sell and make money to meet up their needs. He also taught them how to save so as to grow financially.

He is currently a fellow under the Equal Access peace promotion fellowship, where he works with children around the age of 6-12 in an IDP camp in Jos Plateau state.

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Tafuko teaching the children how to produce a shoes

Tafuko teaching the children how to produce a shoes

Tafuko and the children at a field

Tafuko and the children at a field

Farar Tattabara Peace Fellows


Mark Nuhu Mabudi is a communication specialist, Sport journalist and a community development enthusiast. 
His love for sport and passion for journalism gave birth to his desire for sport journalism as he uses his skills to foster peaceful coexistence among sport followers.

Mark introduced a Podcast channel “Girl Child Education” on soundcloud dedicated to promoting girl child education programs through interviews and programs that inspire girl child education. He organizes sensitization/orientations on the need to engage the youth in fruitful activities. 
Meanwhile, Mark is also an advocate of good governance as well as youth and women engagement in governance, not only in a political setup but also at a community level.

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Mark believe in a community where everyone have equal chance to basic life necessities. As such, he has been working on sensitizing the youths of Lawishi community of Shongom LGA in Gombe state on the need to pursue their life ambitions by acquiring education.

As a Peace Promotion Fellow under the canopies of Equal Access/Farartattabara, Mark designed Gombe Girl Education Campaign with the intention to reduce the high rate of school dropouts among teenage girls in Gombe state.

Farar Tattabara Peace Fellow Matasa @360 1st segment

Hannatu is a passionate young woman, driven by the need to create social change in her immediate and larger community. She's a social right activist and a peace builder working in the grassroots to empower girls and women. It is the bedrock of her foundation seeing as a child how her parent lived for the service of men and anyone who came had a place in their home despite not having so much.

Hannatu, now a Fellow with Equal Access International is working on peace-building and countering violent extremism in her community to challenge negative narratives through development initiatives, mostly targeting vulnerable girls and women at the grassroots. It is her hope to see that no girl is out of school, abused or undermined in the society.

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Meet the team

Meet  Mansur Umar Kurugu, a scientist, pilot, and outstanding media personnel whose track of record in both Television and Radio programming preceded him. He joined equal access International in the last quarter of the year 2018 as the Producer Radio.

Mansur Kurugu.jpg

Mansur Kurugu is the producer of Mudubi, the anti-corruption radio show under the platform of equal access International with the support of MacArthur Foundation.

Kurugu produced a number of episodes whose were broadcasted in fifteen (15) partnered radio stations of Equal Access across fifteen (15) states in Northern Nigeria. His show Mudubi served as a motivation to some local radio stations such as Radio Kano FM to incorporate Anti-corruption themes in some of their shows. 

Kurugu is collaborative, highly organized and a great team player that is always available for the team to achieve excellence in all the project he is indulged with.

Prior to his absorption into equal access family, he served as an assistant director in the famous Hausa TV drama series of Dadin Kowa, a production of Arewa24 International television station and also in the 90 days mini-series.

Joining equal access international subjected me to new challenges which are really exciting. While peddling to flow with the waves and adjust to the work standard and ethics of the organization, I have an opportunity that helped me to grow both personally and organizationally.

I urge Nigerians to join hands with me and my organization to fight the conquer worm that has rooted deeply into virtually every sector of Nigeria especially, I urge you to support the fight against CORRUPTION!

Meet the team

Meet Bala Thomas Mabiri, the Program officer Equal Access International at our Kano office, Thomas join EAI in December 2018

Thomas Bala.jpg

Thomas join EAI with a rich and vast development project background in conflict management, peace building and community mobilization.

Currently, Thomas is working on EAI MacArthur funded project on strengthening media support for community accountability measures in Nigeria (SMS CAM)

Recently, Thomas is most proud of his role and determine to meet set project goal and objectives in amplifying the voices of Government organization and citizen in strengthening the demand for transparent, accountable and good governance in Nigeria.

In the course of his work Thomas championed and facilitated the cost of corruption film competition in soliciting ideas of films with an anti corruption focus and drive in eradicating the phenomenon from Nigeria. Thomas support core project delivery in so many ways and giving back to the society

Farar Tattabara Peace Promotion Fellows


On the 15th of January 2019, Mark Nuhu was a guest on the “Good Morning Gombe” show on Amana FM Gombe. The program started by 8:00am to 9:00am, and was hosted by Emmanuel Bankole and Precious.

He started the presentation by giving a general overview of the activities of Equal Access Inernational/Farar Tattabara in Northern Nigeria, the Tech Camp, and the lessons learnt which include:

Understanding the causes of violent extremism.

The role of community leaders in countering violent extremism.

·The fact that we cannot continue to focus on the problem but focus on the positives and the possibilities/alternatives.

The role of women in countering violent extremism.

Mark then went further to discuss his project and why he chose the issue of “High rate of school dropout among teenage girls in Lawishi community in Gombe”. He explained that most of the girls in the community do not attend school, and even if they start, they dropout along

the way or do not get to complete their secondary education due to factors like unwanted pregnancies, illiteracy or poverty.


He revealed on the program that no woman in his community has obtained a university degree, and at the moment, there are only 2 women in the university, and both happen to be his sisters.

He also explained that another factor that motivated him to embark on a project on girl child education was the fact that his own sister got pregnant as a teenager while in JSS2, but later went back to finish her secondary education, and is presently in the university. He explained how others can learn from his sister’s experience, and understand that there is always an option to get back on your feet after going through a challenging time in life.

He also discussed more about his activities which include advocacies, media campaign, face to face meeting and enrolling some girls back to school before the end of his project. He also explained that he will be working hand in hand with community heads, SUBEB and the Ministry for Women Affairs to raise awareness and sensitize the community on the need to educate their female children.

He later went on a live call in session from listeners, who expressed their excitement about the project, and also solicited for more time to be created for the issue to be well digested by the public.

Mark Nuhu Mabudi while in the studio at Amana FM Gombe

Mark Nuhu Mabudi while in the studio at Amana FM Gombe

Khadija and Hadiza discussing on the Madubin Ilimi radio program on Express Radio.

Khadija and Hadiza discussing on the Madubin Ilimi radio program on Express Radio.

On the 15th of January, the group members in Kano also held a session on the “Madubin Ilimi” program on Express Radio Kano between 1:30pm -2:00PM. The program was anchored by Auwal Abdulazeez. They started the program by introducing themselves, the organization they work with and a general overview of the Tech Camp.

They continued by stating the aim of their project and why they chose to work on the issue of "Girl Child Education" in Kano state. They explained that, so many girls are wasting away by engaging in hawking, serving as domestic workers, being married off at an early age and ending up with unwanted pregnancy, which has made some many of them vulnerable to abuse.

During the discussion, they further revealed that, in the Kano community, preference is given to educating a male child over a female child. This in turn has caused an imbalance within the community such as non-inclusion of females in decision making and governance. These are some of the factors that motivated them to embark on this campaign and with the objectives of having more girls enrolled in school, empowering girls so they can take agency of their lives and have a society where girls are looked at as an asset of development, rather than tool of money making/marriage.


Hauwa Garba also paid an advocacy visit to the Adamawa Hope Centre to discuss the issue of a rape victim within her community, and how the center can help seek justice for the girl. The center addresses the huge gap in support services for victims of sexual assault by providing free and immediate medical treatment for victims, trauma counselling and legal advice.

Hauwa Garba together with officials of the Adamawa state hope centre.

Hauwa Garba together with officials of the Adamawa state hope centre.

They also discussed the activities they have carried out and those yet to be done which include advocacy visits to community and religious leaders, social media campaign and seeking partnership with NGOs, ministries of education and women affairs. They finally stated their readiness to work with persons or organizations with similar interest.

The program was concluded with a live call chat from the listeners where they expressed their happiness about the campaign and further asked questions such as:

* Do we have representatives in all local governments in Kano?

* Do we assist the less privileged with financial aids?

* How can we be contacted?

* Do we intend taking the campaign to the rural areas since that’s where the problem is common?

These questions were answered by the group members.

Adamu, Khadija, Hadiza and the presenter of Madubin Ilimi Program.

Adamu, Khadija, Hadiza and the presenter of Madubin Ilimi Program.



Farar Tattabara Peace Promotion Fellows

Hakuri is 20 years old, She should be in school pursuing her dreams and living like any young adult should,but her life has been shrouded by so much pain and loss that she doesn't have aspiration for much.She was forced into marriage at the age of 15, she endured beatings and maltreatment within the marriage until it was unbearable and she left to save her life. With nothing at her disposal,she watched her son die because she had no money to take him to the hospital. Hakuri is displaced as a result of conflict in her community and now lives in a primary school in Jen with many others. In other to survive with her daughter, she sleeps with men for almost nothing which is hardly enough to cater to her needs and that of her daughter. Hakuri is not alone, there are many young girls in Northern Nigeria who have this same reality. How do we help Hakuri and the others? By telling their stories so that the world will listen and know about her plight and that of many others like her.and by taking positive action to help change the sad narrative of her life and that of many young girls out there. When Hakuri and many girls like her are empowered, our society will thrive more at Farar Tattabara Equal Access International Gad Peter @girls child education campaign


Farar Tattabara Peace Promotion Fellows

Workshop and Training on Basics of Photography for Digital Storytelling by Farar Tattabara Peace Promotion Fellows

In Maiduguri As part of the Equal Access Peace Promotion Fellowship projects on digital storytelling, the team has organized a workshop training for 15 young aspiring photographers on the use of photography for digital storytelling. The training was conducted in Maiduguri with 15 male and female participants who were taken through the basics of photography and how to tell a compelling, inspiring and meaningful story with photos. The training was facilitated by Muhammad Bukar Umara and Musa Ishiaku Gwary in Bukar Mandara Foundation conference room. The conference room was given free of charge by the founder to support the project. Suleiman Dauda, the State Program Manager for NERI also supported us with a projector. A photographer friend, Abdullahi Bukar donated 10,000 Naira to support the logistics of the project. All of these support came voluntarily without making any request, except for the conference room which we requested from Yadoma Bukar Mandara, the founder of Bukar Mandara Foundation


At the end of the first theoritical class, we had a practical session on how to handle a DSLR camera and take good photos with great composition. The partcipants were all asked to apply the knowledge learnt and composition, angle and exposure triangle to take photos which were later subjected to a photo critique in the class.


The training participation was fair of selection which was done base on the commitment and driven motivation behind the applicant’s interest to participate in the training. A total of 49 applications with less than 5 female applicants were received through the created Google docs form. An application was further sent to a more female audience in a bid to balance the gender gap. After that, 7 female participants were invited to participate but only 4 were able to make it. A total of 15 participants attended the theoretical and practical based training including Mohammed Ibrahim, a Peace promoter.


It was such an interactive session where everybody was given the opportunity to express themselves and contribute to the class. The training started at 9; 00am and we had a tea break at 11; 30am and a lunch break at 1; 30pm. After the training at 4; 00pm, we had a group picture and selfie shoots. A whatsapp group was created with all participants added to keep a network of sharing our knowledge and improving our skills. In the subsequent activities of the fellowship, the team will work with these participants to expand the reach of our storytelling.


Farar Tattabara Peace Promotion Fellows


At the end of 5 days Tech Camp training in Kano on Countering Violent Extremism organised by Farar Tattabara Kano_Equal Access International ,the girl child education group consisting of Mark, Adamu, Hadiza, Hauwa, Hannatu, Khadija and Lilian created a whatsapp group and facebook group for group talks and social media awareness campaign. We have all engaged our followers on our individual handles on twitter, facebook, whatsapp and instagram.

Girl child group members Khadija Ahmed Abbas, Hadiza Ahmed Aminu and Adamu Yabagi Muhammad.

Girl child group members Khadija Ahmed Abbas, Hadiza Ahmed Aminu and Adamu Yabagi Muhammad.


The girl child education group Kano paid an advocacy visit to Chief Imam of Giginyu Mosque Kano as part of their campaign. The Chief Imam, Mallam Habibu Umar who started by giving a background knowledge on the roles females played during the revelation and dispersion of Islamic education during the period of prophet Muhammad SAW, outlined how the beloved wives of Holy Prophet Nana Khadijah consoled him when angel Jubril brought him the first revelation and how the Holy prophet trained Nana Aishat who later became teacher to both male and female and one of greatest scholars in Islamic history.

Mallam Umar further said Islamic and western education are interwoven, starting that an educated wife helps a lot in building a strong, enlightened and peaceful home as training and education of every child  start from home. He also stated that God endowed women with a very soft heart which is a reflection of love and pity, and if coupled with education makes them a good peace builder in the society.


He finally concluded by telling us about the work they have been doing on how more women can be included in governance in Kano state which can only be actualized when they are educated, he then admonished parents to enroll their children most especially girl s into school so that in the nearest future, we will have more number of female nurses and doctors in the community. 


On the other hands,  Mark Nuhu Mabudi who is also a member of the group paid an advocacy to community leaders of Lawishi, Shongom LGA Gombe state As part of the activities, He had a meeting with the two community heads of Lawishi where he will be working on January 2, 2019 at around 8am at the senior head’s resident. Things discussed: He introduced the project to them and told them by the end of the project,  he will like to enroll 2-3 girls back to school who dropped out of school for one reason or the other. He asked for permission to carry out the project in the community which they happily granted. How to mobilize parents and girls when it is time to meet them face to face. They expressed their delight with the project and pledged to support it in their own way.

Mark Nuhu with Community leaders of Lawishi, Gombe state

Mark Nuhu with Community leaders of Lawishi, Gombe state

Farar Tattabara Peace promotion Fellows



Touch a Life December 2018


following the Tech Camp in kano, we created a whatsapp group for our IDP camps. The members of the group are Tafuko Tabawassah, Ejura Adama, Winifred Wang abd Chinret Best. Ejura Will be working with the New Kuchigoro IDP Camp in Abuja while Tafuko, Winifred and Chinret will be working on different initiatives at the same Geoscience IDP Camp in Jos South Local Government Area of Pleateau State. We have been able to have useful discussions and chat sessions on the WhatsApp group with the guidance of our Equal Access International mentor Gad Peter Shamaki.  On Monday, December 17th, 2018, Tafuko, Winifred and Chinret met at a coffee shop in Rayfield, Jos, Plateau State to discuss the next steps to be taken with regards to starting the project. A decision was made not to delay any longer but to pay a visit to the camp the next day.  On Tuesday, December 18th, 2018, we paid a visit to the camp at 9:00am in the morning. We were able to meet with Mr. Gyang Alfred Gyang the Director of Administration at the camp, Mr. Goni, the Head of Security at the camp and Mr. Emmanuel Dawazi the Head of Inventory at the camp, joined us towards the end of our meeting. We gave them the background of our training at the Tech Camp


and shared our various project with them.Mr. Alfred asked us some very important question regarding consistency, accountability and our long term plan. He also shared some concern with us. The Plateau State government is planning to relocate some of the people in the camp to their various communities as part of their campaign efforts moving towards election in February 2019. He says it is likely just to give the public a positive impression about government efforts but government has not been providing support to the camps. We need to be mindful of this as we start activities in January because we might not have the same numbers at the end of June as we did at the beginning. However, he assured us that there will be great participation and involvement due to the serious case of idleness in the camp.  There were about 2,674 people in this camp but a few have gone back to their villages. There are currently 2,117 people in the camp. There are over a thousand women and about 1,092 children between the ages of 4 – 12 years old. We were able to take some pictures with the camp officials and some of the women and children in the camp. It was a very fruitful visit and we look forward to starting activities in January

At the IDP Camp   Chinret and some young girls at the camp. Shy but beautiful smiles.

At the IDP Camp

Chinret and some young girls at the camp. Shy but beautiful smiles.

At the IDP Camp   Tafuko and Winifred with some camp officials and a few women at the IDP camp during the visit.

At the IDP Camp

Tafuko and Winifred with some camp officials and a few women at the IDP camp during the visit.



Thank you to Winifred who created our Facebook group page. The name of the page is  “Touch a Life”. We reached this name after various suggestions on the WhatsApp group chat and after we discussed verbally at the meeting three of the team members held in Jos.  We are excited to share pictures and progress reports, success stories and various updates on how our initiatives are moving along and the impact we are having.  We will also share upcoming events or activities for supporters and volunteers to get information.  We encourage you to share with your friends, colleagues, and family members. 

We thank everyone in anticipation of your great support!

Ejura Adama is a member of the IDP Camps group. She is working along in Abuja at the New Kuchigoro IDP Camp. The team in Jos will be providing support to her and is planning a joint activity later on. Our able and capable mentor Gad Peter Shamaki will also provide direction and support to Ejura and the entire group

Ejura Adama is a member of the IDP Camps group. She is working along in Abuja at the New Kuchigoro IDP Camp. The team in Jos will be providing support to her and is planning a joint activity later on. Our able and capable mentor Gad Peter Shamaki will also provide direction and support to Ejura and the entire group


Ejura paid a visit to New volunteers to help address Kuchigoro IDP camp in Abuja.  where she met with the camp leader and had a discussion with him as regards the state  in the IDP camp. in the IDPs camp have begun farm activities in Nasarrawa State, which is presently carried out by both men and women. They are in need of training for skills of yam cultivation. Ejura is working to get volunteers to help address that need in the camp Health issues in the camp have been somewhat taken care of. Ejura will collaborate with the nurse who has volunteered for 2 years to help provide primary health care in the camp.


Moving Forward…

  • Ejura has a meeting scheduled at the end of the month with the camp leader as well as the nurse. The meeting is to further discuss modalities and help she can render. Team in Jos is planning on being hosted on a radio show either on the morning of Saturday December 29 th or the evening of Sunday December 30th . Gad Peter is helping to provide a contact that will make that happen.  Conference call week of 24th December between Tafuko, Winifred and Chinret to prepare for radio show.


We voted on colors for a group tshirt and sky blue with black writing seemed to be the most liked. Tafuko is to come up with a creative hash tag for the back of our t-shirts. In the front, we will have the phrase “Touching Lives”. These shirts will be worn intermittently with our Farar Tattabara Peace Promoters shirt when we visit the IDP camps and start our activities.  Continue raising awarenss using Twitter and Facebook and word of mouth and providing support to group members and other fellows.


Continue work on activity and lesson plans in preparation for starting activities in January 2019.

Where there is life, there is hope. It’s amazing to see the smiles on the faces of these women after all they have been through. They survived and are still surviving. We are encouraged and further motivated to touch a life and make a difference!

Where there is life, there is hope. It’s amazing to see the smiles on the faces of these women after all they have been through. They survived and are still surviving. We are encouraged and further motivated to touch a life and make a difference!