Farar Tattabara Peace Promotion Fellows

Workshop and Training on Basics of Photography for Digital Storytelling by Farar Tattabara Peace Promotion Fellows

In Maiduguri As part of the Equal Access Peace Promotion Fellowship projects on digital storytelling, the team has organized a workshop training for 15 young aspiring photographers on the use of photography for digital storytelling. The training was conducted in Maiduguri with 15 male and female participants who were taken through the basics of photography and how to tell a compelling, inspiring and meaningful story with photos. The training was facilitated by Muhammad Bukar Umara and Musa Ishiaku Gwary in Bukar Mandara Foundation conference room. The conference room was given free of charge by the founder to support the project. Suleiman Dauda, the State Program Manager for NERI also supported us with a projector. A photographer friend, Abdullahi Bukar donated 10,000 Naira to support the logistics of the project. All of these support came voluntarily without making any request, except for the conference room which we requested from Yadoma Bukar Mandara, the founder of Bukar Mandara Foundation


At the end of the first theoritical class, we had a practical session on how to handle a DSLR camera and take good photos with great composition. The partcipants were all asked to apply the knowledge learnt and composition, angle and exposure triangle to take photos which were later subjected to a photo critique in the class.


The training participation was fair of selection which was done base on the commitment and driven motivation behind the applicant’s interest to participate in the training. A total of 49 applications with less than 5 female applicants were received through the created Google docs form. An application was further sent to a more female audience in a bid to balance the gender gap. After that, 7 female participants were invited to participate but only 4 were able to make it. A total of 15 participants attended the theoretical and practical based training including Mohammed Ibrahim, a Peace promoter.


It was such an interactive session where everybody was given the opportunity to express themselves and contribute to the class. The training started at 9; 00am and we had a tea break at 11; 30am and a lunch break at 1; 30pm. After the training at 4; 00pm, we had a group picture and selfie shoots. A whatsapp group was created with all participants added to keep a network of sharing our knowledge and improving our skills. In the subsequent activities of the fellowship, the team will work with these participants to expand the reach of our storytelling.