Farar Tattabara Peace Promotion Fellows

Hakuri is 20 years old, She should be in school pursuing her dreams and living like any young adult should,but her life has been shrouded by so much pain and loss that she doesn't have aspiration for much.She was forced into marriage at the age of 15, she endured beatings and maltreatment within the marriage until it was unbearable and she left to save her life. With nothing at her disposal,she watched her son die because she had no money to take him to the hospital. Hakuri is displaced as a result of conflict in her community and now lives in a primary school in Jen with many others. In other to survive with her daughter, she sleeps with men for almost nothing which is hardly enough to cater to her needs and that of her daughter. Hakuri is not alone, there are many young girls in Northern Nigeria who have this same reality. How do we help Hakuri and the others? By telling their stories so that the world will listen and know about her plight and that of many others like her.and by taking positive action to help change the sad narrative of her life and that of many young girls out there. When Hakuri and many girls like her are empowered, our society will thrive more at Farar Tattabara Equal Access International Gad Peter @girls child education campaign