Meet the team

Meet  Mansur Umar Kurugu, a scientist, pilot, and outstanding media personnel whose track of record in both Television and Radio programming preceded him. He joined equal access International in the last quarter of the year 2018 as the Producer Radio.

Mansur Kurugu.jpg

Mansur Kurugu is the producer of Mudubi, the anti-corruption radio show under the platform of equal access International with the support of MacArthur Foundation.

Kurugu produced a number of episodes whose were broadcasted in fifteen (15) partnered radio stations of Equal Access across fifteen (15) states in Northern Nigeria. His show Mudubi served as a motivation to some local radio stations such as Radio Kano FM to incorporate Anti-corruption themes in some of their shows. 

Kurugu is collaborative, highly organized and a great team player that is always available for the team to achieve excellence in all the project he is indulged with.

Prior to his absorption into equal access family, he served as an assistant director in the famous Hausa TV drama series of Dadin Kowa, a production of Arewa24 International television station and also in the 90 days mini-series.

Joining equal access international subjected me to new challenges which are really exciting. While peddling to flow with the waves and adjust to the work standard and ethics of the organization, I have an opportunity that helped me to grow both personally and organizationally.

I urge Nigerians to join hands with me and my organization to fight the conquer worm that has rooted deeply into virtually every sector of Nigeria especially, I urge you to support the fight against CORRUPTION!